Residential Cleaning Services

What Are Our Residential Cleaning Services?
We are here to help hard working customers to break free from stress. We do this by providing professional house cleaning services that make your home environment cleaner and healthier for all your family. Extensive years of experience have been coupled with the most friendly and dedicated cleaning professionals to better clean your home with the utmost professionalism and highest quality cleaning methods.
Our Residential Cleaning duties typically include:
Dust windowsills and ledges
Dust frames and knickknacks
Remove cobwebs
Dust lamps
Dust furniture, woodwork, and shelves
Vacuum carpets or wash floors
Wash and dry wood floors
Vacuum furniture, including under seat cushions
Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets
Clean appliances, counters, cabinets, table, and chairs
Clean, scrub, and sanitize sinks
Clean range tops
Clean inside and outside of microwave oven
Wash floor
Wash floors
Clean mirrors
Clean and sanitize toilets
Polish chrome
Clean, scrub, and sanitize showers and bathtubs
Clean, scrub, and sanitize vanities, sinks, and backsplashes
You can also customized the service!
From the very beginning you are in charge and we listen carefully to any of you requests. You can request our residential cleaning services as often as you’d like. So we can serve you better, we encourage you to provides us with any special cleaning needs you might have. Affordability and quality are what drives our services this is why our professional cleaners will work quickly and efficiently surpassing your expectations every time we clean your home! Our hassle free home cleaning service is flexible – we offer daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly regular cleaning and there is no minimum contract or deposit required!